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Village Activities & Organisations


Sampfords Youth Club Leader Martin Boughtwood tel: 01799 586440
Sampfords Cricket Club Secretary Simon Green
Saturday Captain Steve Thrower
Sunday Captain Simon Hughes
tel: 07718 626092
tel: 07779 168214
tel: 07968 148896
Sampfords Flower Show Faye Stalley tel: 01799 586397
Sampfords Baby & Toddler Chair Sue Johnston tel:01799 586164
Sampfords Hand Bell Ringers Margaret Sorger tel:01799 586356
Sampford Signal (weekly email update) email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Sampfords Singers Alison Wakelin tel:07717 125743
The Sampfords Society Steve Horne tel:01799 586237
Sampfords Primary School PTA Chair Sara Goggin
Secretary Nicola Robertson
tel:01799 586287
tel:01799 586932
Sampfords Tennis Club Chair Mike Lindsell
Membership Joan Lyon
tel:01799 586586
tel:01799 586543
Sampfords WI Secretary Jane Lawrence tel:01799 586286
Gt Sampford Fitness Club Organiser Edna Banks tel:01799 586409
Gt Sampford Baptist Hall Bookings Beryl Kemp tel:01799 586432
Gt Sampford Village Hall Bookings Jan Boughtwood tel:01799 586440
Baptist Sunday School Ann Wolstenholme tel:01799 586480
Seedlings Service Sarah Kidd tel:01799 586576
Sampfords Footpath Representative Clare Watkins tel:01799 586311
Sampfords 100 Club Sue Lindsell tel:01799 586586
Sampfords Neighbourhood Watch Kath Thompson tel:01799 586623


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